What do I wear to a contemporary service in The Flame?

Often, if not always, you will see much of the worship team and many people in the congregation in jeans, tennis-shoes, flip-flops, t-shirts, some in khaki's, and some in ties. We believe that God sees your heart no matter how many holes your jeans have in them or how busy the pattern is on your tie.

Is the music extremely loud?

No. Sometimes the music can elevate in volume but we are very sensitive to not "perform". We hope that you will worship with us and feel that the volume flows with the Spirit.

What if my child or baby decides that he or she wants to be loud?

Our services and our congregation are real, as our logo describes. One of the best things about our church is that you will always be surrounded by very understanding people. We also have a nursery that is provided at our services if that works better for you.

What is contemporary worship at The Flame?

Our worship team is comprised of our pastor, the band (complete band with male and female vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, electric drums, and sometimes keyboard), a sound and visual graphics/lights crew, a children's speaker, the breakfast team and most importantly, the congregation. Our music can range from acoustic and acappella to blues, blue-grass, jazz, rock, and instrumental. We often start the service with a hearty welcome from our praise leader and the pastor. Everyone joins to sing a few songs (complete with lyrics and graphics on each side of the stage) to get going. Then our pastor speaks about recent celebrations and concerns, followed by our children's speaker and any children that want to come to the front to interact in what is usually a very creative concept and theme. We then follow up with a few songs that allow you to sing along, stand, or raise your hands if you like, and hopefully facilitate an atmosphere that is open to the Spirit. A free breakfast always follows our pastor's message because you know the Methodist like to eat!

Why worship in a contemporary style?

At Byhalia United Methodist, we are open and we are real. Really! We know that to be in the presence of and to give praise to our Lord and Savior is the most superior opportunity given to us by His grace. This is key.

Many years back, a few members got together with their keyboard and acoustic guitars and sang some popular, Christian music that they had heard. A few others heard about this, came to listen and low and behold, they all felt the Spirit move among them because they felt a little more comfortable with that style of music and how it seemed to help them open their heart a little more to Christ. With that facilitation, Christ was present and they offered praise.

Every Sunday morning in The Flame, we strive to offer the same open, real atmosphere that will allow all who are present to worship our Lord. Really!